About Us

Salming was brought to New Zealand by former professional squash player Kashif Shuja who saw the value in the intelligent designs of the Swedish products. In 2013, Kashif brought the first Salming shoes to New Zealand for two juniors that he coached - Kaitlyn Watts and Luke Jones. Both these players went onto win junior national titles and represented New Zealand at the world junior champs. They are both now professional squash players. Since then, supporting athletes in their quest for excellence became the core value of Salming New Zealand.

From its squash roots, Salming has evolved into a much wider sports brand, including running, walking, handball, floorball, volleyball, badminton. With shoes perfect for all indoor court sports (even Netball), Salming continued spreading from its home base in the lower North Island to all over New Zealand. Appreciated by athletes, coaches and the general active New Zealander, Salming products are now in every region of New Zealand and growing rapidly. 

Will O'Connor, an elite ultra runner and PhD sports scientist, was brought into the Salming team in 2016. Will tested the first generation running shoes and liked them. He promoted the brand as an ambassador at events all over New Zealand - including the Taupo 100kms ultra. His role evolved from an athlete to later manage the running specific aspects of Salming NZ. Now based in Rotorua, Will is helping guide Salming Running further in New Zealand. His vast experience, excellent work ethic, running and coaching abilities have been invaluable to Salming New Zealand.