Karakal BN60 Badminton Racket


The Karakal BN60 Badminton racket is manufactured using the Karakal Fast Fibre Carbon Gel System to spread tension over the whole frame for playability and durability.

The BN60 is strung with Karakal Hot Zone in orange which contrasts nicely with the unpainted black graphite frame. This string offers power and performance for players looking for balanced and responsive play.

Manufactured from one piece of Karakal FF Graphite with a Thumb Print top cap for easier finger location and accuracy when short or flick serving. This Technology also allows the frame to return to shape 10% faster after a shuttle strike creating even more power for less effort. The inclusion of Karakal FF in the full graphite handle acts to reduce torque, 50% less than a conventional wooden handle.

60g frame weight.
310mm Balance point
Karakal Fast Fibre Carbon Gel
Karakal Hot Zone 68 String in Orange
Isometric Head with Muscle System
Hi-Flex Precision Shaft.
Constant Taper Frame.
High Strength Head-loop up to 30lbs.
One-piece Karakal FF Graphite with Thumb Print
Double Grommet added at Tee Joint
Full Racket Cover
Karakal PU Grip




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