Karakal HZ 125 Power Squash String 110m Reel (Clear)

The Multifilament Hi Modulus core positions The Karakal Hot Zone Power 125 as the Power string of the Hot Zone series.

Featuring Highly flexible micro monofilaments, the Hot Zone Power 125 delivers a Natural Gut feel, enhancing shock absorption and enhanced performance characteristics generating Power, good feel and feedback.

With a limited drop off in performance the Karakal Hot Zone Power 125 squash string is for players looking for a Power generating string.

Karakal Nano Technology is a revolution in String manufacturing. Adding 'nano' sized particles at a molecular level changes the cell construction and instantly improves the feel and durability of the strings.

Hi-Modulus Fibre Core
Special Natural Feel Coating
High Flexible Micro Monofilaments
1.25mm Diameter
Available as a 11M Set & 110M Coil
Available in Black or Natural Colours