Karakal Raw Pro Squash Racket

Karakal have developed a new Joel Makin PSA Tour Specification signature series squash racket. The Karakal Raw Pro 2.0.

Manufactured using Karakal Nexgen Fast Fibre Graphite the racket has a 120gram frame weight and 345mm balance point, which makes the racket feel beautifully balanced and powerful. Karakal have also redesigned the handle on this frame to a smooth oval shape, ergonomically designed to Joel's preference.

The Karakal Raw Pro 2.0 comes strung with the new Karakal Hot Zone 120 braided string as standard and has a 14/18 string pattern. The racket is of course fitted with the No.1 Karakal PU Super grip in yellow and comes with a 100% recyclable Karakal Eco Fleece cover.

Karakal Hot Zone 120 braided string - Black
120gram frame weight
345mm Balance
Nexgen Fast Fibre Construction
Midplus 480 sq cm
Square String Pattern 14/18
Full Eco Fleece Cover
Fitted with the World's No.1 Karakal PU Super Grip




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