Karakal PU Air Grips - Box of 24

A lighter weight grip with a breathable surface to increase gripping power and comfort.

The Karakal PU Super Grip Air has been modified from the standard PU Super Grip by adding large lattice airholes for a cool grip.

The PU Super Grip Air has all the benefits of our number 1 selling Karakal PU Super Grip, but is in a lighter weight with a breathable surface that helps gripping power and comfort. Adding 'Nano' sized particles at a molecular level has also greatly improved the grips durability.

Box of 24 assorted colours
6 x 4 of each colour
Replacement Grip
Karakal SRF (Slow Release Formula) Surface
Large Lattice Airholes for a cool grip
Super Tacky
Self Adhesive
Universal Length for all racket types
Extra long life




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